Tuesday, 22 March 2011

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Your Neighbour.

Interaction With Your Close-Door Neighbour.

A Neighbour is a person who leaves close to you. Not everyone care about their relationship with a close-door neighbour. Nevertheless, it’s a healthy practice have a balance and smooth relationship with your neighbour most especially when you have kids.

When you foster resentment within yourself for others, then others will in turn do the same to you. In a nutshell, creating and establishing a good relationship with our neighbour is very important in our well-being, we cannot depend on the desire to separate ourselves from society and the world in general.When we do so it will affect us negatively.

Let your relation with your neighbour be moderate and with a sincere heart. One may ask if it necessary to have a healthy relationship with my close-door neighbour. Yes it is vital. For the following reasons;

  • Consider your kids, once in a while they move around at the same time pump into your neighbours' apartment. His reception towards the kids will be determined based on your relationship with him.
  • You may be face with danger and may need a help from your next door neighbour. What will you do if you have unhealthy interaction?
  • Your child became seriously ill at the odd hour of the day and your spouse is not at home. How do you manage the situation?
  • If you are face with Pregnancy Labour and your spouse is not at home. What do you do?
There are so many reasons why you should maintain a good relationship with your next door neighbour. If your neighbour is the difficult type.This is what you should do:

Greeting:  Always be the first to greet or wish, when you meet your neighbour during the day.
Smile: It wins the hearts of many in a moment. If apply properly it works. Smile strengthens the bond between two hearts.It is a universal truth. Whenever you see your neighbour just pass a sweet smile and wave your hand. 
Note:- do not laugh at your neighbour. Help:You are free to extend a helping hand to your neighbour at all time.
Appreciation: Show appreciation to your neighbour whenever there is reason for it.
Family Invitation: Whenever you organize a family function you can invite your neighbour and even ask him to help.
Listen: Give listening ear to your neighbour when he is speaking on his favourite topic, do not show how boring his topics makes you feel.For, everyone loves to be listened.
Argue: Never argue with your neighbour for it could lead to quarrel.
Avoid borrowing: Be contented with what you have.
Gossip: This is a deadly weapon that destroys relationship, beware of it. Do not gossips when you are with you neighbour.
Finally as a woman it is advice to be friendly and polite to your neighbour.

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