Tuesday, 22 February 2011

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Teaching on how best one can earn a living.

Sitting at home and do nothing for the entire day show that something must be wrong somehow and this could be as a result of ill health or no fund or confuse on what to do, or your spouse do not want you to work or do something. If you are hale and hearty and you decided to be idle for now just reason it is completely unacceptable by your fellow women.

Get something doing, brows Internet you will definitely find clue on what to do. Here are a few ideas Bake Cookies (meat pie, dough nut, chin chin, etc) and supplies to local stores in your area). Visit these site for online jobs. www.freelancer.com and www.odesk.com. These are reliable site you could do some online jobs like writing of articles, web developer, data entry, email marketer etc.

  • Baby Sit.
  • Clean Houses.
  • Teach Computer Skills.
  • Give Swimming Lessons.
  • Type Papers.
  • Tutor and Help With Homework.
  • Tailoring.
  • Beans Pudding (well package Moi Moi supply it to stores around).
  • Hair Stylist.
  • Sell recharged cards.
  • Buy Perfumes from a dealer and resale to friends, neighbour, etc.
  • You could go into Forex trading.
  • Farming (fish or poultry or snail or even vegetables it all depends on the space available and area of interest).
  • You may decide to upgrade yourself.
  • You can do any of this work while at home. Develop a goal for yourself and star working towards it.

Note: The above is for those who are idle or jobless. If you have a professional job fine and good. We are after those who do not have. The bottom line is that as a woman you need a legitimate way to earn a living for yourself and family, do charity work and help other less fortunate than you. As a woman say no to prostitution.
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Sharing Experience.

Experience is a general concept that comprises knowledge or skill or observation of something or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event. Experience can be mental, emotional, social, virtual, spiritual, subjective, and physical as well as immediacy of experience.

It is possible for one to have observed up to four types of experience or all as mentioned above. Whichever way you encountered yours, it could be useful information to someone facing the same condition if only it is share. Wise people learn by experience.

As a woman feel free to share your experience with your fellow women.

In my university days i had little resource for my upkeep, what i did was to use the money and bought those thing which I know students always go for. That was how I started a small trade in the hostel. I was always with money.
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Monday, 21 February 2011

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Women are very important in the society because they bring a sense of love and are seen virtually as a bearer of children. Every woman is a mother either by giving birth or adoption of child or you decide to be without as the case may be. Women are known to instil morality in their children; they are regarded as the guardians of morality.

Women are good manager; they run and oversee the affairs of their families. They plan and design how their home should be.

In some part of African women are seen as wives and mothers while in some part they do the hunting and preparation of food. They work the land (farming). While in the western world the primary Job of women is to have and nurture children.

Woman was created as a companion for man. The first woman was made from Adam's ribs not just from his head to rule him or from his feet to be walk upon at all time by man.

Lots of women have done greatly to their country; they help in building up the nation. King Solomon in his famous speech "a wise woman builds her house but the foolish plugs it down with her hand".
Every woman should strive hard to be a unique figure in all time. Avoid being idle utilize your God given talent in building up your nation.
  • Women are Great.
  • Women are Dynamic.
  • Women are Unique.
  • Women are Hard-working.
  • Women are Caring.
  • Women are Religious.
  • Women are Loving.
To our men, respect and value women!
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