Monday, 11 April 2011

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Pleasure Time.

Spending time with the family helps to build up a strong bond within a family. It is necessary to spend some time with your family away from business, work and domestic chores. '
Make your free time interesting, healthy and packed with fun so that your family will always look forward for such. You can invite family-friends to join, if you wish. 
Picnic, Sports, watching movies, dancing travelling are some ways to enjoy your leisure time.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

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Family Income.

How to manage the family income

With the economy crises it may be hard to manage the family income and is worse if the resource is single. However, if you are not extravagant you would be able to manage the family income very well.
There are ways to go about in managing the household income:

Step one is to study the overhead of the entire household. Write down costs of utility bills, house mortgage/rent, car payment, insurance, medical bills and cost of food. If your household income is mega you have to consider the list of the bills that are top priority such as house rent, utilities, food and medical bill. Its better you spend more on food preferable natural food so as to avoid ill health.

Second step is to add your bills; your bills should not exceed the budgeted money mapped for your household. Take a look at the kinds of services your household subscribes to. Critically examine their importance base on priority. Cut down the unnecessary once in order to accommodate the important once. For example you can stop subscribing on daily, cut back on current cable subscription such as extra movie channels to basic cable, cut down extra phones, use cheap phone network and internet. It’s better to embark on budget cutting campaign now and be able to save more so as to be financially independent in the future.

Step three: Create a menu meal list for the week. Find shops where you can get good price of all you need. Learn how to make bread, snack, cake, and yoghurt for your household. You can save money when it’s prepared by you. 

Step four: Shop at second hand stores for clothes, shoes, or electronics, cabinets. At second shop you will find great brand name or quality clothes at a lower price.

Save every change you get after expenditure. I mean every penny or dime.
Learn to live beneath your means rather than above. If you don’t have enough money for something don’t buy it. Try as much as you can to save more than 20% of your monthly income. Increase your monthly income by creating another job for yourself. Get more information on
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