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Fifty Ways to love your husband (Part A)

A man considers romance to be one way and the woman considers it to be another. The woman supplies many romantic gestures which goes unnoticed by her man, because it wasn’t romantic to him. The husband can spend valuable time doing what he thinks will bless and romance his wife only to find she didn’t recognize it at all.

“What's incorrect? Are the gestures extended not romantic or thoughtful? No. Are the recipients ungrateful and self-absorbed? No. The partner is just not romancing their spouse in a manner that's romantic to them!

“This is a great truth that once practiced is sure to produce lasting fruit. Study your spouse. Find out what romance means to them? It may surprise you! But if you do your homework you will become the master of what really turns your spouse on!” (Tom and Debi, from Theromanticvineyard.com article, “10 Hindrances to Cultivating a Romantic Vineyard”)

Talk about the following list along with your husband. Ask him to examine those most significant after which arrange them in order of significance to him. Use this list as a foundation for studying his views. Your relationship will be drastically strengthened as you employ the solutions, which work for your marriage —however remember that these are SUGGESTIONS 
  1.  Communicate with him Respectfully.
  2.  Let him know he’s essential to you.
  3.  Purposefully attempt to perceive his emotions—even if you disagree with him.
  4.  Assist him to complete his targets, hobbies, or education whenever you see he wants to.
  5.  Let go of the small stuff. We all have annoying habits and preferences which might be totally different from our partner’s. (Dave Ramsey)
  6.  Let him know love him AND like him.
  7.  Either show interest in his hobbies or allow him space to participate freely. (D Ramsey)
  8.  Shield his dignity every day.
  9.  When confronting him, understand he also has emotions. 
  10.  Foster an environment of laughter in your house. Search for methods to laugh collectively.
  11.  Strive to not make sudden major modifications with out dialogue, give him time to regulate.
  12.  Whenever you exit on a date collectively don’t carry up issues—have fun as a substitute.
  13.  Give attention to what he’s doing right, instead of focusing on the negatives side.
  14.  Show interest in what he feels is vital in life.
  15.  Give him a special time with you aside from the kids.
  16.  The first minutes after a partner comes home usually sets the stage for a way the rest of the night will go. Attempt to make that point a positive experience. 
  17.  Give him time to unwind after he gets home from work. Your evenings will probably be far more fulfilling. (Dave Ramsey)
  18.  Don’t permit relations to deal with him disrespectfully. Defend him to anyone that dishonors his place as your husband.
  19.  Praise him always.
  20.  Be inventive whenever you express your love, both in phrases and in actions.
  21.  Discuss with him about setting up a family targets for every year to be realize collectively. 
  22.  Don’t over commit your self. Leave time for him.
  23.  Extend God’s grace to him and forgive when he offends you.
  24.  Find ways to show him you need him.
  25.  Give him time to be alone. (This energizes him to reconnect at different occasions.)
  26.  Admit your errors; don’t be afraid to be humble. Peel away your pride.
  27.  Defend him in the present of those that disrespectfully talk about him. Love protects. 
  28.  Respect his willingness to do well—not his performance.
  29.  Rub his toes or neck, or scratch his back after a tough day.
  30.  Initiate going out on romantic outings mostly when he is tired.
  31.  Send him a text message when he’s at work, telling him how you appreciate him
  32.  Surprise him with a nice fun present that he’d actually take pleasure in.
  33.  Express much you appreciate him for working so hard to assist the family.
  34.  Let him know that you are proud of him
  35.  Give advice in a loving manner — not in a nagging or belittling way.
  36.  Assist your husband to be the Spiritual head of the home.
  37.  Reserve some energy for him so as not to be tired when he needs you sexually.
  38.  Don’t expect him to take up tasks that is beyond his capabilities.
  39.  Pray for him to enjoy God’s favour in life.
  40.  Take notice for what he has done for you and the family.
  41.  Brag about him to your folks both in his present and absent
  42.  Hold conversations brief when he’s tired—so he isn’t “flooded” by too many phrases.
  43.  Tell him things you particularly admire about him.
  44.  Honor him in the presence of the kids (differ respectfully in private when needed).
  45.  “Look straight into the eyes of your husband when he talks to you or when you’re talking to him. This can make him really feel that you're fascinated with what he needs to say.” (J. Clain)
  46.  Rise up with him, even when he will get up sooner than you need to and pray with him (you may return to mattress afterward, if possible —it’s a sacrifice worth making.)
  47.  Be his “help-mate” in any ways you sense he wants it.
  48.  Watching films together
  49.  Be a student of his ways so as to present your love in a ways that he will best comprehends
  50. When your husband is in a nasty mood give him time to recuperate. Don’t crowd him.


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