Monday, 10 October 2011

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Is Your Man Stingy?

How you can overcome his stinginess...

As a wife, it is wise that you know how much your husband's income is per month. This will help you plan for the family monthly expenditure and also help your man to save. In a situation whereby your spouse refuses to let you know his income, go ahead and plan but do it moderately.
No doubt, there are some husbands who are stingy, they find it hard to spend on there family or even to change there wardrobe. How do such a man become liberal to his family?
  • Find out what makes your man happy.
  • Make the house conducive most especially when he is at home
  • Help him by making sure his cloths are kept clean.
  • Once in a while, buy him a gift.
  • Try asking him for money when he is in a good mood.
  • Be honest to your man when asking him  for money, tell him what the money is meant for. Do not inflate the figure.
  • Always take your time to prepare his best meal and other food delicacies. It's always said that "the way to a man's heart is through his meal."
  • Make sure meals are served at the appropriate time.
  • Keep the apartment clean.
  • Ask with love and be sexy when asking.
  • Be thankful  to your man in whatever he gives you even if it's not to your satisfaction.
  • Get something doing so as to get additional income.
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