Wednesday, 16 March 2011

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How well you should know your kids!

Children are fruit of the womb which is a gift from God. How will manage this gift while with us indicate the levels of appreciation to God.

Mothers have a very vital role to play in the lives of their kids, because they are the role model of their kids. When a mother fails to provide her child with the essential habit and moral values it need, then it is most likely the child will not develop into it full potentials.
It is up to mothers to teach their kids True Love, the Values of Lives when the kids are still tender and fragile. For it will be a very difficult task to re-shape the character when it's confirmed and hardened with years. King Solomon in his famous speech "train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverb 22:6). This is a true saying.

It is very important for every mother to know who really is their child, what is his/her interest, know his weakness and challenges, help in developing their talent and find out who their friends are, and get to know where they leave etc.

Create time to talk with your kids, find out what they are thinking? The responds may surprise you. The best way to know you child is to listen more and speak less. Allow your child to direct in the conversation and give advice where necessary. Give your advice without being judgmental or critical. Be an active listener this will help you get more information from your child and you will be able to help your child understand how their choices and decisions affect their lives and direct them to a healthier and better steps to follow.

Ask few detail questions that will create meaningful conversation. Short answers question such as what is your math teacher's name? is of no effect when you really want to know who your child is. You may ask your child what he or she feels about the math teacher, or what they feel about our family. Do not judge their responds but give corrections where an odd words is been used. Be natural to your kids and they will in turn be completely free and open to you.

During the process of knowing who your kids are, there are so many things to teach them, but I will only mention four things.
  • To love God 
  • To appreciate the importance and value of family relationship 
  • To appreciate the help of others and 
  • To be a team player.


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