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Your Spouse.

Relationship With Your Spouse.

Relationship with your spouse has to do with your partner in marriage. Since this is a woman forum we are now making reference to the male spouse, that is, relationship with your husband. Is it a healthy or are you struggling to keep it going? No doubt there is bound to be conflict when you change the rules in a relationship. It's okay. Conflict most time makes relationship to grow. Through conflict two people can create a deeper understanding of one another and develop a stronger bond. It is very important to be in harmony with your spouse.

Here are some steps to follow in building a stronger and sound relationship with your spouse. All you need to do is put them into practices and score yourself after three months.

Prayer: The efficacy of prayer cannot be over emphasizing. Always seek for God's grace over your relationship with your spouse.

Communication: No matter how busy you may be create out time to talk to spouse, let your husband know how you feel about him; there are so many things to talk about. Do not use silence as a weapon when you are hurt by your spouse. It is better you voice out your resentments in a way that can be heard, acknowledge and resolved. It is better to deal with problems early and honestly than to let them pile up in silence until an explosion occurs. To experience a satisfying and enriching relationship with your spouse, communication lines need to be maintained for ultimate interpersonal satisfaction. Effective and Positive communication help relationships to grow.

Submissive: As a wife you have to know that the man is the head of the house. It does not mean you have to yield to his unreasonable desires all in the name of submission. Let your submission be in line with the principles of God. Submissions to your male spouse do not mean violation of your dignity as a human being.

Do not take your spouse for granted:Do not take your male spouse for a ride. Be polite at all time. Even when you want him to assist you in doing some house core, approach him with love and respect.

Respect your spouse: This is a very vita spice in relationship. You need to respect your husband, no matter your level, status, wealth; you can never be the head of the house. That is the way God has arranged it. Respect your spouse at all time, most especially when you are in public with him. It boosts up his confidence and makes most men feel on top.

Assumption: Avoid mind-Reading. Always assuming and jumping into conclusion is certainly not the best. Not just when you saw a lady in your husband's car, oh! You assumed that must be his mistress. Take time to hear from your spouse before jumping into conclusion.

Thankful: Not everyone knows how to show appreciation or be grateful at every kind gesture done to them. Sometimes you may not like the gift presented to you by your male spouse, the best thing to do is to collect it and thank him couple it with hug and kiss them you can politely make your comment. There is an adage in Igbo part of Nigeria that say "Etoo dike na nke omere omekwaa ozo" means when you praise a mighty man for what he has done, he will do more.

Honesty: It will cost you nothing to be truthful or sincere or plain to your husband but dishonesty can destroy your home. You do not need to buy truth, say it the way it is. In nutshell be yourself.

Food: A way to a man's heart is his meal, if you do not know how to cook, find a way to learn it. Here is some website that teaches on how to prepare meal.

Patience: This is a great virtue. You need it especially when you are faced with long time difficulties. When you are provoked by your male spouse you need to persevere, even when he used negative word son you endure do not respond because yours might lead to negative reaction from him. You can sought it out later.

Forgiveness: Let go of all grudges and bitterness. Find it in your heart to forgive your man, most especially when he says"my princess, I'm sorry". Do not bear grudges for it might affect your health negatively.

Housekeeping/Personal Hygiene: Keep your environment free form dirt. Make the house conducive for your family. Keep your body clean. Remove the hair in your armpit regular, let your hair, nails, teeth, feet, hand and skin be free from dirt. Menstrual hygiene is very important. Clean after urinating. By so doing you will be free from body odour.

Mind your Friends: Who are your friends? What do they do for a living? How good is their relationship with their husbands? Is their advice to you positive or negative? Do they engage you in competition (fashion or get the latest car or house)? Is she of a questionable character? Most husbands are worried over the kind of friends their wives keeps and some have gone further to stop their wives in have anything to do with them. So be wise.

Blaming: Always say it's my fault when something goes wrong. And ask how do we solve it? I tell you, you will be surprise at your husband’s responds. Try as much as you can to avoid blame. Already the person at fault is guilty and is battling over it within his mind; you don’t need to add salt into injury.

Cheerful: Keep a smiling face to your man and also extend it to his extended family and friends. He will be so enthusiastic to take you out always.

Be wise and enjoy your relationship.

Always feel free to share your problem, we are here for you.


  1. Wow, Sandra! You are so wise. Very interesting to read. I have already learned a lot! I pray that you will stay in Sweden so that I will get a chance to get to know you more.
    Love Charlotte

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